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Live Chat won’t work if there isn’t anyone available to monitor your site and talk with your potential customers. This service provides you with our professional agents, we call them budgies, who are available during office hours for the entire work week. Their primary responsibility is to monitor your live chat and help your clients. They’ll answer any questions visitors have, take phone numbers, and actively reach out to help you make a sale… learn more


Increasing your company’s positive reviews will build consumer confidence and protect your reputation. Our operators, based in Canada, call your recent customers and follow a carefully scripted process to earn their confidence. The end result of our efforts is real reviews from your actual customers. You don’t buy reviews… you earn them…. learn more



Inbound Telephone Call

If you are missing phone calls, you are losing revenue. If you are busy delivering your services you are likely not able to give inbound calls the attention that they deserve. But being an excellent roofer, programmer, or veterinarian, doesn’t make someone an expert communicator or sales person… learn more


We Establish Your Online Footprint for Success


Hi! I’m Joshua, and I’m a second generation digital marketing strategist.

Your goal should be to ensure that your business is always present and ready to answer questions and engage with potential leads. Over the years, we’ve helped clients with web design, search engine optimisation, inbound marketing automation and both digital and traditional marketing methods. Our experience has taught us that the most important thing any business can do is to be available the moment a potential customer needs them.

We live in a world of instant internet and communication, and today’s customers expect to get the help and information they want when they want it. If a potential client has to wait to speak to you, then you risk losing them to someone who is available. When you work with our expert budgies, you can rest assured that leads won’t slip away. We’re here to answer your customers questions and help them find the information they need to become lifelong customers.

Are you concerned that our budgies won’t have the answers that your clients need? Don’t worry! We’ll work with you in order to understand your the basics of your business. That way your budgie will be able to provide your potential customers with answers to any frequently asked questions. In the event that a budgie doesn’t know the answer, they’ll still capture the lead and send the information directly to you.

When you’re ready to learn more about our service plans and to have a conversation with me, please contact me toll free at 888-809-6960.

Sincerely Yours,

Joshua A. West


Hosted live helper chat and operator services live chat works!
But only if someone monitors & engages…

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